AC (Air Conditioner) is a machine that serves as an air conditioner located around the cooling machine. We know that air is a substance that is inseparable from life in the world like water. Oxygen gas is the substance most needed by humans as well as other types of gases.
We know that the current environmental conditions indicate that air pollution levels are so high that they result in disruption of human health.
High levels of air pollution make people switch from the natural room refreshment system to the artificial air refresh system.
Therefore, air refreshing system (AC) is the most widely used instrument to overcome the comfort problem of a room.
So looking at the potential human needs, this makes the greatest opportunity to continue to improve the quality of air in so it becomes more healthy, clean and comfortable.

PT. RAJAWALI KARUNIA SEJAHTERA Moving in the field of procurement, installation and installation of air conditioning (air conditioner) which was established in 2011.

Make a Goods and Services Company able to compete and grow healthy;
Making AC Service Ditangerang become the society's primary choice to solve the problem on cooling machine;
Become an AC Service Service Company that trusted and fun for the community.

Providing quality ac products;
Providing the best service to customers;
Establish good cooperation with suppliers and customers.

Our goal is to help people to anticipate the problems surrounding air conditioners both in houses, apartments, shophouses, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, factories and wherever. This is done to keep the community alive healthy, comfortable, safe, and get the performance, effectiveness, also possible efesinesi cost.

PT. RAJAWALI KARUNIA SEJAHTERA provides various brands and types of air conditioners, as well as service installation and installation of air conditioning (Ducting, Piping, and Jacketing), service and maintenance of AC for residential, shop, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, apartement, hotel, showroom And factory for BSD region, cisauk, serpong, ivory serpong, villa jasmine, nature silk, bintaro, modern land, legok, tangerang and jakarta.

Our product range is Split Split Air Conditioner, Floor Standing, Cassette, Ceiling Suspended, Split Duct, Super Multi, VRV, AHU (Air Handling Unit), FCU (Fan Coil Unit), Cooled Storage Machine, Condensing Unit and Chiller.

With various brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Teco, Haier, Aux, Midea, Gree, Sharp, LG, Samsung, York, Carrier, FujiAire, Fuji electric and Aicool.
Besides Mejual Unit Baru, We also provide Second Unit (Trade In) and other air conditioning equipment such as Refrigrant Pipe, NYM Cable, Outdoor Bracket, Duct Tape Glue, Non Glue Duct Tape etc.

Retrieves market shares ranging from Rumah Tinggal, Apartement, Shop, Office, Restaurant, Shopping Center, Hospital, Showroom, and Factory starting from Serpong area Tangerang, Jakarta, Java Island to outside Island.

In the marketing activities of our products & services, we install Banners and Air-Conditioned displays in our store so that buyers can find out what services, merchandise and merchandise I sell, offer via phone, remind consumers of schedules for air-conditioning service via phone or SMS, distribute brochures, Products and services through social networks like, facebook, OLX, Blogger, and open their own website.

Entrepreneurship is an activity needed to create or do a business. Our chances of endeavor are personal abilities as we are confident, risk-taking, leadership-minded, honest, diligent, responsible and always striving to excel and be able to create great work, convincing people and consumers of products and services Marketed. Able to motivate ourselves or to employees and others, and always build good cooperation with suppliers.

Thus this proposal is made, may be a reference and consideration in setting up a business. For that we expect the support and role of all parties in pembentuka this effort. Thanks.


VISI Kami : 1. Menjadikan Perusahaan Barang dan Jasa yang mampu senantiasa bersaing dan tumbuh berkembang sehat ; 2. Menjadikan Service AC Ditangerang menjadi pilihan utama masyarakat mengatasi masalah pada mesin pendingin ; 3. Menjadi Perusahaan Jasa layanan Service AC yang dipercaya dan meyenangkan bagi masyarakat.


MISI Kami : 1. Menyediakan product – product ac berkualitas ; 2. Memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik pada pelanggan ; 3. Menjalin kerjasama yang baik pada pemasok dan pelanggan.


PT. Rajawali Karunia Sejahtera - SOLUSI KEBUTUHAN DAN SERVICE AC bergerak dibidang Pengadaan, Pemasangan, Instalasi, service dan maintenance atau Perawatan AC (Air Conditioner).

PT. Rajawali Karunia Sejahtera SELAKU DEALER RESMI AC Daikin, Gree, Midea, Teco, Changhong, LG, dan Fuji Elektrik / Fuji AC.

Menyediakan Kebutuhan Elektronik Rumah Tangga, Seperti AC, Mesin Cuci, Kulkas, Freezer, Showcase, kipas angin dll.

Unit Unit AC Semua Model dan Type AC Mulai dari AC Split Wall, Multi S, Floor Standing, Cassette, Ceiling Suspended, Split Duct / Ceiling Duct, VRV, AHU, FCU, Mesin Cold Storage, dan Chiller.

Kami juga menyediakan Sparepart AC ORIGINAL langsung dari pabrikan serta menyediakan material untuk kebutuhan pemasangan AC seperti Pipa Refrigrant, Kabel NYM, Bracket Outdoor, Duct Tape, Pembuangan air dst.

Menerima pemasangan untuk rumah tingal sederhana, rumah tinggal mewah, apartment, ruko, kos-kosan, gedung perkantoran, supermarket / pusat perbelanjaan, sekolah, rumah sakit, dan parik.

Melayani pemasangan area Cisauk, BSD, Serpong, Parung Panjang, Legok, Alam Sutera, Modernland, Gading Serpong, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang Kota, Jakarta, Bogor dan Luar kota.




Ruko Malta Kavling 2 No. 18 Sentraland Paradise Jl. Raya Dago Kel. Kebasiran Kec. Parung Panjang Bogor 16360
Bogor , Indonesia