AC VRV Variable Refrigrant Volume

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Specification of AC VRV Variable Refrigrant Volume

Daikin Inverter AC Air Conditioner or other brands must have known a lot, but did you know about AC VRV System?

VRV stands for Variable Refrigrant Volume which means the rerigrant working system changes. VRV system is a technology that is equipped with CPU and Inverter Compressor and has been proven to be reliable, efficient, surpassing many aspects of systems from Old AC such as Split Wall AC, Cassette, or split duct. So with a VRV system, one outdoor can be used for more than 2 indoor air conditioners.

For the Daikin VRV System AC, Daikin uses inverter technology on AC Type Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) which is commonly used for high-rise buildings. Daikin VRV is an AC capacity regulation technology from Daikin which has the ability to prevent excessive cooling so that people in the room feel more comfortable (not feeling cold) while also saving electricity, it doesn't stop there. Daikin VRV has a very low noise level, save space and can use one outdoor unit for several indoor units, and can set the schedule and the desired AC temperature computerized.

The indoor used can be in various models such as Split Wall, Cassette, Floor Standing, Ceiling Suspended, Split Duct, AHU (Air Handling Unit), Clean Room Air Conditioner, Concealed Floor Standing, to Floor Standing Duct.

Daikin VRV is the most advanced and most economical AC product. This product was launched in 2008. Daikin VRV is an AC product that saves electricity up to 50% from conventional air conditioners. Daikin's Freon VRV is currently using an environmentally friendly Type R410A.

Features of Daikin VRV AC:

1. Has a large capacity and for a large room too

2. Installation and maintenance is quite easy

Provides various brands including Daikin, MCquay, Teco, Fujielectric, Gree, Midea and other brands

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